(Vidéo-Photos) : Une nigériane exhibe son corps de rêve et affole la...

(Vidéo-Photos) : Une nigériane exhibe son corps de rêve et affole la toile… Regardez !


Cette jeune nigériane du nom d’Uche Mba (et réside aux USA) est un mannequin. Elle a décidé de publier certaines de ces photos sur la toile ce qui a créé une réaction en chaîne. On vous laisse admirer !


Made this video early last year, I've gained a bit more muscle and a lil fat since then. I am usually very quiet wen I hear about all these surgery bs ppl saying I got. It doesn't offend me I actually take it as a compliment, but what I find annoying is that some ppl out there still don't believe in hard work. Do you understand how HARD it is to take ur body from one thing and change it to something different naturally? Do u know how much it burns and hurts to lift heavy and do high reps? The mental battle you have to go thru with yourself EVERY TIME you wanna give up and not go work out? How hard it is to make changes to your diet and make this a life style? Maybe that's why some ppl don't believe in hard work because they've tried it themselves and gave in to the struggle that when they actually see someone who didn't give up they become angry and envious which leads to leaving hateful comments… I also get comments on how did my boobs grow too, I am not God, big boobs is just simply my Genetics, wen I lose weight I lose it, when I gain weight it simply comes back. Point is, there is no need to hate on someone or something you can also work hard for. Hating isn't gonna make you wake up with that body of ur dreams, being inspired and working hard on your will. 💛❤️

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Lifestyle… toning up nicely

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